Salty or Saucy Mastering – The Serious Look In Senior Photography

  • July 25, 2017
Salty or Saucy Mastering – The Serious Look In Senior Photography

Which are you, Salty or Saucy? The serious look is a hard thing to master in #seniorphotography senior photography because you can either look attractive or mean. Let me help you with that. I tell everyone that is wanting to do a serious look to day dream about something that makes them feel good. Such as floating on a lake on a hot summer day, or reading a book underneath a tree on a warm day with a cool breeze. This makes my seniors relax just a bit. Their face doesn’t seem so tense or stressed.

I know you want to look cool or show off those beautiful eyes and there is a way to do that doing the serious look. In order to get that look you must think about the pose.

First off think of something that relaxes you, as stated above and relax the muscles in your face. If you are tense play some music or listen to nature.

Second, sit or stand up straight so that you elongate your neck line. You don’t want to look like your shoulders are coming out of your head or like you don’t have a neck. Feel your shoulders relax and in addition you will appear taller. This means your doing something right. Lean up against something to stabilize your stance.

Third, gaze off or away from the photographer and feel the breeze on your face. Really get into the moment and feel the air around you, almost meditating into your own world. This will relax you.

Another hint I can give you is make sure everyone that comes with you knows that you want some quiet time to get into the mood. Like an actor going on stage!

Now the salty or mean look in your senior photography poses… This is appropriate if you are trying to look tough. You might be a big football player who wants to scare their opponents or you just might like the look. In that case you will need to think about competition and how you want to beat that person in the sport you’re playing. It is all in the mind.

Think of it as acting. What would an actor like #ChrisHemsworth do when he is portraying Thor? This what I ask of my seniors when they want the tough look.

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So Many Choices

  • June 20, 2017

So what do you want to say in your senior portraits? That is the hardest question for my high school seniors to answer. I understand though. I try to give them all a bit of guidance to help them think about it.

  1. Do you want more of an urban or rural look?
  2. Do you want to be more playful or serious in the photos? (you can do a bit of both but it helps to focus on the type of personality the model wants)
  3. Are you active in anything you truly love? Not only sports and clubs but also activities like, are you an avid reader or horse lover. You may just like animals or wildflowers, which may help paint a picture of your personality.
  4. Clothing…What style do you like? Long hippy clothes that flows nicely or clothing that is a bright and showy that shows off your outgoing personality!                  I love working with my seniors to etch out what they truly love about themselves both in personality and style. So if you are planning your senior portraits make them show off who you truly are and not what someone else says you are.
  5. Call Patricia Longmire Seniors: 502-348-2300 or check out my seniors website: or my Patricia Longmire Seniors app. Right now there is a surprise if you sign with me!! @Patricialongmireseniors #seniorportraits #seniorphotos #senioryear #2018senior  

Senior Experience…How to get the most out of your high school senior year.

  • May 19, 2017
Senior Experience…How to get the most out of your high school senior year.

There are many apps on the market, however, have you ever had one for your photographer? This app is our new product to stay in touch, especially during your senior year. There are tips, new photo galleries, ambassador/model application, loyalty points you can earn, message board etc…

For apple users here is your link:

For Google Play users here is your link:

Share with whomever you want to. Give them a leg up on their senior experience.

Share with me your bucket list for being a senior. Do you want to go on a special trip? Do you want to budget for college? What do you want in your senior photography? Do you have a fundraising idea that will give you hours for a scholarship?

These are ideas that could be on your mind.  Tell me about your ideas.

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In Studio Creativity

  • March 25, 2017
In Studio Creativity

Many don’t believe the studio can generate photos that are unique and creative. However, I beg to differ….#senior #seniors #seniorphotography #seniorphotos #highschool


I just wanted to post Marley’s modeling that she helped me with this winter. I announced on my Twitter and Facebook seniors page if anyone would want to model for me and Marley jumped at the chance. I thought of some different creative ways to light or pose a person, so I experimented on Marley. These are a few photos I came up with. I posted the next 3 yesterday.

The first photo has a action filter that generates pieces of the photo to float and form a certain lighter than air feel.

This photo has a romantic, elegant feel that only indoor lighting can generate.

This photo generates a reddish glow that screams passion.

The next few photos are emotionally driven. These photos seem to generate the ideas that I was trying to convey. Lighting, Photoshop and posing techniques make each one different. Check out my new page and my Patricia Longmire Seniors app. Jump into one of the only studios located in Bardstown, Louisville and Lexington. #studiophotos


Tips for seniors who want the greatest senior pictures!

  • March 9, 2017

Arrive Early….

Arrive Early – Your session time begins at your scheduled appointment time. If your time is booked at 1PM, your camera time starts at 1PM, your session is set for a set amount of time, please arrive 15 minutes early.

The Right Clothing – Will make or break your picture. Your clothing will reflect who are, if you dress in typical daily clothing – you will look typical in your photo. There is nothing wrong with that, but think outside the box – think unique to you and your special personality. What do models and athlete’s wear in for advertising? It is best to bring a mixture – traditional for the folks and something spicy or casual.

Beware – Of the plaids and stripes – patterns like these do not photograph well. Solids work great. Remember dark colors are cool and sweet and combined with some flash of color will make a unique photo. Bring those clothes ready to go …packed on hangers and not stuffed in duffel bag. We recommend that you bring clothes for 4 – 5 different looks…This is your time to shine – give this some thought.

Let’s make this fun – How you are photographed is mostly determined by your LOOK and CLOTHING STYLE. Your style reflects who you are….are you bright and flashy with a funky fun look, are you the traditional and refined, perhaps relaxed and laid back or are you a mixture of all?

Glasses – sun glasses, do you love them? Bring them; we’ll use them in a variety of ways. Do you wear regular glasses? Most lenses cause a glare, the best way to get around this – call your optometrist and inquire if you could borrow an empty pair of frames.

Personal props – That you are always seen with – your cell, laptop, ball cap, and guitar – bring them…think creative!

Favorite Pet – Can certainly be included in some of your poses. Please call the studio for our advice regarding including your pets in your senior photographs.