Senior Girls

Salty or Saucy Mastering – The Serious Look In Senior Photography

  • July 25, 2017

Which are you, Salty or Saucy? The serious look is a hard thing to master in #seniorphotography senior photography because you can either look attractive or mean. Let me help you with that. I tell everyone that is wanting to do a serious look to day dream about something that makes them feel good. Such as floating on a lake on a hot summer day, or reading a book underneath a tree on a warm day with a cool breeze. This makes my seniors relax just a bit. Their face doesn’t seem so tense or stressed.

I know you want to look cool or show off those beautiful eyes and there is a way to do that doing the serious look. In order to get that look you must think about the pose.

First off think of something that relaxes you, as stated above and relax the muscles in your face. If you are tense play some music or listen to nature.

Second, sit or stand up straight so that you elongate your neck line. You don’t want to look like your shoulders are coming out of your head or like you don’t have a neck. Feel your shoulders relax and in addition you will appear taller. This means your doing something right. Lean up against something to stabilize your stance.

Third, gaze off or away from the photographer and feel the breeze on your face. Really get into the moment and feel the air around you, almost meditating into your own world. This will relax you.

Another hint I can give you is make sure everyone that comes with you knows that you want some quiet time to get into the mood. Like an actor going on stage!

Now the salty or mean look in your senior photography poses… This is appropriate if you are trying to look tough. You might be a big football player who wants to scare their opponents or you just might like the look. In that case you will need to think about competition and how you want to beat that person in the sport you’re playing. It is all in the mind.

Think of it as acting. What would an actor like #ChrisHemsworth do when he is portraying Thor? This what I ask of my seniors when they want the tough look.

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