Senior Girls

Senior Experience…How to get the most out of your high school senior year.

  • May 19, 2017

There are many apps on the market, however, have you ever had one for your photographer? This app is our new product to stay in touch, especially during your senior year. There are tips, new photo galleries, ambassador/model application, loyalty points you can earn, message board etc…

For apple users here is your link:

For Google Play users here is your link:

Share with whomever you want to. Give them a leg up on their senior experience.

Share with me your bucket list for being a senior. Do you want to go on a special trip? Do you want to budget for college? What do you want in your senior photography? Do you have a fundraising idea that will give you hours for a scholarship?

These are ideas that could be on your mind.  Tell me about your ideas.

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