Senior Girls

So Many Choices

  • June 20, 2017

So what do you want to say in your senior portraits? That is the hardest question for my high school seniors to answer. I understand though. I try to give them all a bit of guidance to help them think about it.

  1. Do you want more of an urban or rural look?
  2. Do you want to be more playful or serious in the photos? (you can do a bit of both but it helps to focus on the type of personality the model wants)
  3. Are you active in anything you truly love? Not only sports and clubs but also activities like, are you an avid reader or horse lover. You may just like animals or wildflowers, which may help paint a picture of your personality.
  4. Clothing…What style do you like? Long hippy clothes that flows nicely or clothing that is a bright and showy that shows off your outgoing personality!                  I love working with my seniors to etch out what they truly love about themselves both in personality and style. So if you are planning your senior portraits make them show off who you truly are and not what someone else says you are.
  5. Call Patricia Longmire Seniors: 502-348-2300 or check out my seniors website: or my Patricia Longmire Seniors app. Right now there is a surprise if you sign with me!! @Patricialongmireseniors #seniorportraits #seniorphotos #senioryear #2018senior