Tips for seniors who want the greatest senior pictures!

  • March 9, 2017

Arrive Early….

Arrive Early – Your session time begins at your scheduled appointment time. If your time is booked at 1PM, your camera time starts at 1PM, your session is set for a set amount of time, please arrive 15 minutes early.

The Right Clothing – Will make or break your picture. Your clothing will reflect who are, if you dress in typical daily clothing – you will look typical in your photo. There is nothing wrong with that, but think outside the box – think unique to you and your special personality. What do models and athlete’s wear in for advertising? It is best to bring a mixture – traditional for the folks and something spicy or casual.

Beware – Of the plaids and stripes – patterns like these do not photograph well. Solids work great. Remember dark colors are cool and sweet and combined with some flash of color will make a unique photo. Bring those clothes ready to go …packed on hangers and not stuffed in duffel bag. We recommend that you bring clothes for 4 – 5 different looks…This is your time to shine – give this some thought.

Let’s make this fun – How you are photographed is mostly determined by your LOOK and CLOTHING STYLE. Your style reflects who you are….are you bright and flashy with a funky fun look, are you the traditional and refined, perhaps relaxed and laid back or are you a mixture of all?

Glasses – sun glasses, do you love them? Bring them; we’ll use them in a variety of ways. Do you wear regular glasses? Most lenses cause a glare, the best way to get around this – call your optometrist and inquire if you could borrow an empty pair of frames.

Personal props – That you are always seen with – your cell, laptop, ball cap, and guitar – bring them…think creative!

Favorite Pet – Can certainly be included in some of your poses. Please call the studio for our advice regarding including your pets in your senior photographs.